Culti Milano Trigger (Aqqua)
Culti Milano Trigger (Aqqua)

Culti Milano

Culti Milano Trigger (Aqqua)

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Dive into the refreshing embrace of Culti Milano’s Aqqua, a symphony of invigorating citrus harmoniously intertwined with tantalizing spices. With every spritz, you're transported to vast, open landscapes, basking in the subtle warmth of amber and the grounding embrace of woody notes. This fragrance tells a story of nature's endless expanses, captivating your senses with each layer.

Design & Usage:
Crafted with an ethos of elegance seamlessly merging with minimalism, the Culti Milano Trigger offers more than just a scent; it offers an experience. Its sleek design complements its function, ensuring an even mist for optimal diffusion. This versatile spray diffuser is tailored to breathe life into your linens. Whether you're looking to invigorate your bedding, curtains, or even wardrobe essentials, this perfume ensures a lasting, delicate scent without compromising on fabric integrity.

Olfactory Profile:

Main Category: WOOD
Facet: Citrus
Top Notes: Coriander's refreshing zest harmonizes with the vibrant and sun-kissed nuances of Bergamot.
Heart Notes: The delicate floral whispers of Mimose meld with the herbaceous and slightly peppery notes of Sage, painting an aromatic mid-layer.
Base Notes: A profound depth is added with the creamy richness of Sadlewood, encapsulating the fragrance's essence.
Key Details:

Volume: 500 ml
Origin: Proudly crafted in Italy, ensuring authenticity, quality, and a touch of Mediterranean allure.
Experience a fragrant journey that not only revitalizes your linens but also instills a sense of serenity and luxury into your everyday life. Choose Culti Milano Trigger (Aqqua) - a masterpiece in the realm of olfactory delights.